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April 2020
A–DFS Webinar on Diabetic Foot Surgery

February 2020
Diabetic Foot Conference, Barcelona Invited Guest Speaker for Diabetic Foot Conference

January 2020
OSSAPCON conference, India Invited Guest Speaker for OSSAPCON conference

November 2019
Danish Wound Conference, Odense, Denmark Invited guest speaker, Danish Wound Conference

November 2019
British Association of Foot and Ankle Surgeons Annual Conference- Nottingham Invited Guest Speaker for BOFAS Annual Conference

November 2018
BOFAS Annual Conference, Edinburgh Complex Charcot Foot Reconstructions

November 2018
Diabetic Foot Podiatric Module, London

August 2018
Diabetic Foot Society India Annual Conference, India Invited Guest Speaker Lead on Orthopaedic Reconstruction

June 2018
Co-Convener of Joint 4th ADFS Annual Conference and King’s Charcot Foot Reconstruction Symposium

May 2018
Invited Guest Speaker at Malvern Diabetic Foot Conference, Great Malvern

May 2018
Invited Guest Speaker atEWMA 2018 annual conference, Krakow, Poland

April 2018
Invited Guest Speaker at UN World Health Day 2018. House of Commons, London

November 2017
Invited Guest Speaker at the Association of Diabetic Foot Surgeons Meeting, Venice

November 2017
Invited Guest Speaker at Singapore Orthopaedic Association Annual Conference, Singapore

October 2017
Invited Guest Speaker at the Indian Arthroplasty Association Annual Conference, Kolkata India

October 2017
Invited Guest Speaker at the European and International Foot and Ankle Conference, Portugal

September 2017
Invited Guest Speaker at the European Orthopaedic Research Society Conference, Munich

July 2017
Invited Guest Speaker at King’s Yale Combined Diabetic Foot Symposium, Bangkok

Hospital Doctor Awards 2007 Diabetes Winners:

Consultant Diabetologist:
Prof. Michael Edmonds

Orthopaedic surgeon:
Mr Venu Kavarthapu

Vascular surgeon:
Mr Hisham Rashid and Team

Diabetic Foot Service

The diabetic foot is one of the most devastating complications of diabetes: progression is rapid and quickly reaches a 'point of no return'. The clinic faced ever-increasing severe presentations, especially from poor blood supply, infection and bone destruction. Prof. Edmonds said: 'There was no particular problem with the service but we wanted to go one step further for our patients.'

Action Taken

The diabetic foot clinic - which sees 6,000 patients per year - aims to provide rapid multidisciplinary treatment for patients with active foot problems and then to follow them up to prevent recurrence.
It operates throughout the working week, providing open access for people with urgent foot problems, and briefs A&E to cover out-of-hours. The team aims to provide a one-stop diagnosis and treatment service and has developed several innovations on top of the foot clinic, including a joint vascular fast-track service, joint orthopaedic clinics, painful neuropathy clinics and patient group directions for prescribing antibiotics.
The diabetic foot practitioners have developed a vacuum assisted closure therapy service for large postoperative diabetic foot wounds. To facilitate early discharge, patients continue therapy at home, led by community nurses who been trained by the diabetic foot practitioners.


  • The team has received two King's College Hospital commendation awards for outstanding contribution to patient care.
  • Fifty per cent reduction in major amputations and subsequently almost no major amputations of neuropathic feet.
  • Modern techniques to revascularise ischaemic legs and active management of early infection have further reduced major amputations of the diabetic ischaemic foot by 50%.

Meet the Team

Consultant diabetologist: Prof. Michael Edmonds; Orthopaedic surgeon: Mr Venu Kavarthapu; Vascular surgeon: Mr Hisham Rashid; Radiologist: Dr Paul Sidhu; Podiatrists: Maureen Bates and Tim Jemmott; Diabetic foot practitioners:
Elizabeth Pendry and Melanie Doxford;

Judges Comments

'Dr Edmonds leads a most impressive multidisciplinary team for the management of patients with diabetic foot problems. They have influenced the management of foot disease both locally and nationally'